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A little guide to wedding florists and your big day.

At Taylor designs we love to get out and about visiting venues and speaking to potential couples at wedding fairs and showcases. This gives us a real feel for the venues, getting to meet the staff and wedding coordinators, seeing what goes on behind the scenes and meeting other suppliers,This is generally where we would have our first meeting with couples. We meet and have a short discussion about flower themes, colour schemes, Venues and locations, and numbers required.

We get to show off our designs and styles with a small selection of fresh flower designs we have on display.

We’d take an email address/ contact info and create a rough price guide and send some similar ideas to what they have in mind like colours and designs we have created in the past.

Recently we have been receiving more and more emails asking how we do things at Taylor designs and how we get the ball rolling etc so I’ve put together a little blog and step by step guide to explain so maybe it’s not so daunting and you will know what to expect.

So if we haven’t seen you at a fair or showcase We arrange an initial meet up consultation either at Taylor designs HQ or at home, coffee shop or at the venue (we normally suggest the venue if we need to measure up or see a particular space so we can brainstorm) its absolutely up to you!

I have recently had a couple of consultations over facetime or skype, that was fun and we are still able to exchange any photo/ swatch colour inspiration etc without having to change out of my pyjamas :)

For all wedding florist we will all need the following information (it helps us get a feel for what you want and need, We are then able to get you a rough quote to you so you can decide if you want to book with us or not).

1) When and where are you getting married; venue information times and dates are very important for obvious reasons. But don’t worry if you don’t have a venue booked, we can still help with the initial planning.

2) A colour scheme; a rough idea of the types of colour schemes, shades of colour etc. any bridesmaids dress swatches or pictures is incredibly helpful when it comes to matching or complementing.

3) Favourite flower verities; if there is a particular flower you would want incorporating within the designs maybe for sentimental purposes, favourite scents or just or beauty.

4) Numbers; we need to know how many bridesmaids’ bouquets, flower girls, mothers of the bride/ groom corsages, buttonholes for the guys and also the number of table centres, isle flowers and any other finishing touches needed.

5) Delivery addresses; where are we delivering the bouquets, buttonholes etc.

As well as the information from our couples we can answer any questions you may have; If flowers are available at certain times of the year, Flower types and colours, if it’s possible to have flowers suspended from the roof..... you name it we can answer it.

If the big day is more than 6 months away from the initial meeting, we suggest at least 2 meet ups or telephone meetings just because tastes can change, certain styles can fall out of fashion and bridal party or table numbers can change so we like to double check and finalise everything.

Once it has been decided to book with Taylor designs we send out our terms and conditions ask you to read through then require a small deposit to secure the big day.

We will then dedicate the whole day (and usually 2 or 3 days before) to your wedding flower making and prep.

We like to make sure we are contactable either via email or telephone so we can answer your questions any time, we pride ourselves on being reachable and reassuring you if you need us.

A little behind the scenes for you:

We order from the market usually 3 days before the big day depending on the types of flowers being used, for example if you wanted oriental lilies, they need at least 5 days to open into full bloom. Depending on the flower content and verities we can visit market up to 3-4 times before the wedding.

A lot of arrangments and bouquets can be made the day before as long as they are kept in water. We would ideally like to make everything that is out of water for the day (buttonholes/ corsages/ shower bouquets etc) the morning of the wedding so it can be a very early start for us!

We get in touch and often go to the venues and meet up with the co-ordinators to discuss the finer details such as delivery and set up timings, health and safety information and also if were allowed to put screws or nails in beams or artefacts.

Venues have a very high turn around on weddings so most of the time if you have hired vases etc from us we will be there after the reception usually around 12-1am picking it all up, So we really do dedicate the WHOLE day to you!

Thanks for reading and we hope to speak to you soon.

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