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Floral Angels

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

There is a lot of thing you can do with your wedding flowers once the big day is done give them to guests as a thank you, leave on loved ones graves as a mark or remembrance or There is one idea that a lot of our brides don’t know about and it’s beautiful....floral angels! They are a non profit charity based in London that take your left over blooms and donate them to various care homes, hospices, refuges and other well deserved receivers.

image credit: floral angels.com

“We deliver to Hestia Women's Refuges throughout London, Maggie's Cancer Centre, The Pembridge Palliative Care Centre, Magic Me's Cocktails for the Elderly and many hospices and care homes in London and Greater London area.”

It’s a wonderfully thoughtful and brilliant charity, if you are getting married and are wondering what on earth to do with your flowers following the wedding day then give this idea a thought, even if it is not available in your area then why not donate your flowers to a local care home or hospice yourself, call up and arrange delivery I’m sure many would love a delivery of beautiful flower arrangements.

It a brilliant charity and are always looking for donations to help towards sundry items and delivery costs.

follow the link to donate if you can; https://www.floralangels.com/donations

So if your in the London area and would like someone else to get some pleasure out of your wedding or party flowers please contact floral angels;

Email: contact@floralangels.com

Or visit their website and see for yourselves: https://www.floralangels.com/

It is truly heart-warming to know that our arrangements and flowers would be going on to bring double happiness.

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