Personalised Initial rose make up organiser; can be made with any colour combination (please make a note of colour and initial at check out) 5 drawer box.


*Everlasting roses guaranteed to last 1 year but as the roses are contained within the acrylic, they are likely to last a lot longer.

Personilised inital everlasting rose acrylic make up organiser

  • our roses can last up to a year or more if you follow these instructions:

    Do NOT water the roses! Using any water will immediately damage the roses.

    Do NOT expose the roses to direct sunlight. UV-light may cause color bleaching.

    If dust collects, gently clean with a soft duster or a stream of dry air.

    Keep the arrangement in a room temperature, humidity free environment.

    Do NOT place anything on top of the roses as they are very delicate.

    Do NOT remove the roses from their box, the roses are secured and are happy there..