The Orchard arrangment is made with the finest faux spring/ summer flowers, a complementry mix of bush pinks, peaches and whites. This is a stament peice for any stylish home. 


Available in any colour and style combanations, please call or email to discuss your bespoke design ideas. 

The orchard arrangment

  • Placement: Place your silk arrangement out of the direct sunlight. Sunlight may fade the silk flowers over time, so placing your silks in partial shade is ideal. Also, do not expose your silks to harsh weather conditions. Most silks are not made to withstand outdoor conditions, so we recommend that you keep silk arrangements indoors. Proper placement will keep your silk arrangement “fresh” and lead to a longer life!


    Cleaning: Silk arrangements may collect dust or cobwebs over time, so it may be necessary to clean your silks every once in awhile. Be sure to lightly dust your silk arrangements as part of your dusting routine. Dusting your arrangement with a feather duster regularly is a quick and easy way to keep your faux flowers looking their best, but sometimes your silks may need a deeper cleaning to remove dust buildup and other debris. 

    Mrs Hinch tip: use a tumble dryer sheet as they are designed to attract dust using static technolgy (also tuck one in to the arrangment for a lovley fresh scent)


  • Deliveries are all hand made, packed and quality assured by one of the girls.


    We aim to dispatch all orders within 5 working days of purchase.

    All Deliveries for weekdays are £18.99.

    We use Royal mail to deliver your items safley to your door, We send all packages 'Tracked and signed'.